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We design and build top quality glass rooms, glass extensions, glass backyard rooms and glass conservatories. You get far more hair from me. After I say a Full Head of extensions I really mean it. Around 200 to 300 grams of hair extensions in any method you select.

When you will have hair extensions fitted by me I have no time limit and don’t charge for additional alterations or extended time on the day. The living room is an extension on a total barn renovation, with a glass firebox and underneath-heated Indian stone flags.

I arrived at the required time and I was invited into a soothing room with comfortable armchairs and soothing music. She has been a pioneer at lash extensions and I’ve seen her change so many glues and lashes until her method has improved beyond recognition!

The hair is not going to match yours completely, so think about dyeing both your hair and your extensions to match. Then, with quite a lot of endurance and calm, I used to be applied two extensions for each lash.

She did lash extensions for me, and I was so pleased with the results, I went back to her for 7 years till in the present day! It is difficult to get extensions to dye lighter and look the identical as your own hair.

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